The Phone Stack

You're at a dinner with friends when someone's (maybe yours) cell phone buzzes. Annoying? For sure - that's why there's a new game called "The Phone Stack" that aims to solve this social rudeness problem:

Also known as "Don't Be A Di*k During Meals With Friends," the game tries to curb cell phone interruptions when dining out with pals. After everyone orders, they place their phones in the center of the table, face down. They may even stack the gadgets, as the name suggests. Even as the phones buzz and ring throughout the meal, no one is allowed to grab his device. If someone is unable to resist his smartphone's siren's song, he's responsible for picking up the check.

Link (Image: psd/Flickr)

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I'm sure the writer just forgot to mention that they're allowed to reach over and turn off the ringer. Otherwise the whole restaurant is going to be rather annoyed.
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I've never understood this "it is rude to use a cellphone in public/with company" mantra. Is it a western cultural thing? Here in Asia it is pretty much the norm.
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A much better idea, and more like a true Stack, would be that only the top phone can be answered. Once used (briefly!) it must be placed at the bottom of the stack. Would be amusing to see how cross people get with the one with no texting friends!
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