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I don't believe activism is reposting a picture. It isn't liking or re-tumbling something and moving on. It certainly doesn't come on par with risking your job or standing with an upopular position.

No break from the internet. Just one more site I don't visit. Maybe if I made a funny little picture about it, I could pretend it would change someone's mind, but as is, I'll just go back to /x/ and /co/.
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Yes, because his stupid comment has been "buried" ever since he uttered it... Is activism as easy as spreading a picture to the choir and telling ourselves we've confronted the ugliness? In the meantime, a few of us have to press issues like this with our bosses or students, and it's tiring. It's the one picture here, the joke inserted into commentary there--I counted several political pieces in about half an hour once from just surfing sites like this. I used to get annoyed by Social Justice, but now I'm thinking they should press for political triggering warnings.
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I did that with boingboing, until I was passing several images at a time and finally stopped going there altogether, same as tv. I'm glad you don't feel the impact, but I'm dead tired of waging the fight and don't like getting it in my face in my downtime, even if I agree with the sentiment of the moment.
Of course the "watch something else" idea carries over to comments. Perhaps the best thing would be for those who don't like that comment to look to the next.
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I agree with everything the pic says. As Joshua says, I don't want to see it here. As usual, it's brought out the "if you don't like it, you must hold the parodied opinion" comments. It's possible to agree with the politics but not the venue.
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I have to agree with Clayton, not for the sentiment of the poster but because I just don't like seeing politics bleed into everything. And in regards to some of the above posts, I find that 4chan is far less political than most aggregate sites like Neatorama. I guess I should lurk moar there instead.
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That's not berating. That's sheer bullying. I just *knew* he was gonna hit her or push her to get the kind of reaction described. She'd frozen up completely otherwise. Thank god one of the kids had a phone to record it.
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I teach inclusion classes. This means the kids who have various issues, be they behavioral or emotional, and/or learning disabilities. If merit pay is to be part of the paycheck, then these kids will be tossed around if not forced out somehow.
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I'm sure when Marvel or DC thinks they won't lose sales to people who rant and rave about their favorite hero coming out, they won't think twice about it. Until then, I'm not gonna complain about the pandering. Wiccan and Hulkling never felt like that anyway, and Wonder Woman already admitted there was a reason they called it Paradise Island.
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Christianity mixed with paganism to a large extent, especially as it spread into new areas. Russia, just as an example, saw prayers used as magic spells, especially taking the form of previous pagan spells, and placing an object under the altar was supposed to give it power, something priests tried to discourage. As for Christians behaving in an un-Christian manner, we hardly have to go back hundreds of years to see that kind of behavior. So the idea that this could be Christian is not farfetched, although it might be something pagan that was then carved with the new religion's symbol.
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