We Should Ban Life Jackets & Other Flotation Devices

Text from the poster above:

We Should Ban Life Jackets & Other Flotation Devices

They only encourage risky behavior. The only 100% effective way to prevent drowning is total abstinence from going in the water. And if you do, by chance, find yourself struggling with drowning, then no life-saving or otherwise procedure or act should be allowed to be administered. You got yourself into this mess, you have to live with the consequences.

You should see drowning as a gift.

Also, if you were forcibly pushed into the water, don't worry. If it was a legitimate pushing, your body will find a way to shut out all the water and survive the drowning.

Via Accordion Guy

What do you think, Neatoramanauts? Should we ban life jackets?

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While I snorted at the poster with a grin, the poll on banning lifejackets isn't really in context. A less-politically minded person may scroll down and see the poll and have a litter of kittens just from the implied message of the child paired with said poll. :) Just thought I might want to point that out.

Remember kids, wear your lifejackets when you're on the water!
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The back and forth is quite interesting to read. The comment thread hasn't devolved into a pointless shouting match, but I was just trying to be proactive in reminding everyone that they can and should disagree civilly. Thank you for your spirited comments, Alice!
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