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it speaks poorly of the news media.
i think people find a guy who doesn't swallow any bullshit and is willing to practically spank all the other news outlets with comedy and honesty pretty damn refreshing.

i mean, look at the media focus on useless crap like michael jackson's death and "are nick and jessica going to get back together?!" instead of important things like health care reform and the war in iraq/afghanistan-most "news" today is boring and petty.

having long winded that all out- i totally love brain williams too.
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JMM- yeah, because this is a totally new tactic among cutthroat strip mall lawyers. it has eeeeverything to do with Obama and liberals. all liberals must looooove gang violence and must loooove cuddling fluffy bunnies and serving everyone cookies with tea.
believe it or not, most liberals (most PEOPLE actually) know the difference between right and wrong, and recognize the need to punish criminals. i hardly think that this case has anything to do with political sway, and a lot more to do with frivolous lawsuits that a lot of people (regardless of party affliation) are guilty of.
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i once went snowshoeing over a frozen beaver dam. it's really neat- they help support a huge wetland ecosystem. even though it was the dead of winter in the north there were tons of little mouse tracks, fisher (the animal) tracks- tracks from weasels, ravens, etc. all over the place - the dam kept a pond of water full of fish and plants for those animals to live off of. really neat stuff.
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"legal hunting" is a really loose term- there are a lot of "wild game farms" here in texas (and elsewhere) that allow you to go up to penned, hand fed lions, gazelle, water buffalo, giaffes etc. and shoot them- for a fee of course.
it's not hunting. it's shooting caged animals, and it shouldn't be legal. it's a cheap thrill for some moron with a gun to feel like a big man.
i'm all for hunting to thin herds, to put the meat to use etc., but most of those animals are thrill kills, and that's wrong.

taxidermy itself is pretty interesting, and those are well done examples..but the piece behind it....egads.
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kalel- eeeeww!! cherry poptart!
i found one of those as a kid thinking it WAS an archie comic. WRONG!

it'll be betty. veronica is too hot for archie to handle.
but seriously. nuked the fridge on this one.
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miss cellania- i love you.

stacey- i get the feeling you didn't actually read any of that, you just busted out the soap box.
people are biologically programmed to want to be sexually active, especially when they're young and in the best health. but you have to remember that our populations were very small when we were carving out an existance for ourselves. life has changed a lot for us in a short amount of time, and biology is still trying to catch up. we've got a lot of sex drive and a lot of people making it out of childhood that wouldn't have 10,000 years, heck, even 100 years ago. all that sex drive nowadays turns into a massive population boom that quite frankly, we can barely support.
if you want thousands of children born to unwilling, and unable parents to be raised who-knows-how, that's your opinion- but keep in mind that (whether you believe it or not) evolution pushes us to produce more offspring than our ecosystem can support simply for the best possible genetic outcome.
my best advice to you is to worry about living the best life you can, and keeping your nose out of other people's business.
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and now i don't feel so bad about all of the wolf spiders i flushed down the toilet when i was younger.
believe it or not, i really felt extreme guilt about doing that.

too bad they can't be revived after being squashed.
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