Jon Stewart Named Most Trusted In News

Now that Walter Cronkite passed, Time decided to ask Americans who their most trusted newsperson was. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of Jon Stewart.

It's a sad statement that the most trusted name in news is actually a comedian. I'm not sure if it speaks badly about Americans in general or about the state of our news media. Via Good Magazine

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I would just like to say that to regard Jon Stewart as a News Anchor Man is total bull, He himself even has said "I am NOT a News Broadcaster I am a Comedian." end of quote. So this is not about who is the most trusted name in News because Jon Stewart is not a News Broadcaster so for him to get the recognition is a joke in it's self. He does not give you the news he just jokes about what has already been given by most trusted names in America. He is pretending to be a News Anchor man. Is America really this dense or lost it's head? For one I was never asked who is my most trusted name in News. He does not give you News he jokes about what we have already heard about. You people really are dumb. What he talks about is nothing new. He just makes light of it. Because he is a Comedian.
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"I think people find a guy who doesn't swallow any bullshit..."

Well that isn't true. Stewart believes 9/11 was a done purely by Arabs... when those of us who don't swallow BS know that factions of US government possibly along with Mossad did the job.
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Sorry guys but this poll is 100% worthless. Both the sampling and the question design are hopelessly flawed. Jon Stewart is not the most trusted name in news. For details see:
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It's the media.

The international poll also voted in favor of Stewart.

And I am sure that if a larger scale poll was to be made, the results would be the same.


Most networks are just trying to entertain, instead of deliver news.

And networks like Fox are too busy with their sensationalist propaganda trying to bash on the current majority and everything they do, even the things Obama does right they manage to find a negative angle.

It's not news anymore, it's marketing.

Sadly, the only show that seems to be delivering actual news is The Daily Show. Even with the humour twist it's more newsworthy than anything else out there.

Shocking, but true.
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I agree with most of the other posters; the mainstream media has basically devolved into putting on as many talking heads from extreme viewpoints as possible and letting them yell over each other while the station takes one side or the other. They all have. They report fluff stories and don't demand accuracy nor are they seriously critical of anything within our government.

The reason John Stewart won is he deserves it, largely because - despite the admitted left-leaning of the show - TDS calls politicians, and other major figures from the news networks when they contradict themselves or blatantly lie. If a comedy show can do that, you'd think a real news outlet could, too - but they don't and won't.

As a side note, while being viewed as a "left" show I can honestly say if you give them a shot, they are an equal opportunity critic. Many times they've landed on the Democrats, Obama and "left" news networks for melodrama and bull; the main reason is - weather anyone reading this likes to hear it or not - that they attack the right more is GOP and right-leaning programs tend to contradict themselves, lie and ignore proven facts far, far more than anyone else. Thus they open themselves to more attacks; it's not that both sides are perfect but the "right" seems way, way more brazen about it, willing to completely change their story interview to interview. Nothing more than that.
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