Pigeon Feather Art by Kate MccGwire

Sluice (2009) by Kate MccGwire

Bits of bones and pigeon feathers may be garbage to you and me, but not to artist Kate MccGwire. The London-based artist used thousands of discarded pigeon feathers to create amazing works of art.

In this interview with Kate, Don't Panic Magazine asks: why pigeon feathers?

I am currently using pigeon feathers as they come from a bird that is generally reviled - regarded as vermin and referred to as ‘rats with wings’. I started to collect pigeon feathers that moulted from the birds in a shed next to my studio – I realised that they were actually very beautiful.

http://www.katemccgwire.com/ - via dontpaniconline

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by JJA.

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i love it.. wish u had more pictures of it..
and dont worry about any health hazards, u cant get anything from touching those feathers. however u can get sick from touching people, specially the evilbeagle ... so hatefull.
pigeons dont transmitted diseaes hmmmmm, not a lot, matter of fact i havent heard of any diseases that are transmitted thry pigeons.
your dog beagle on the other hand can transmit way more than any bird could. and guess what u live with the dog, sleep with the dog, he licks your face, climbs all over furniture, pissing in the house, and other biz u know what..
let me not get into the parasites u can get from just touching the dog, and not to mention letting him lick your face..
so leave the pigeons alone , specially if u dont know what you talking about.
this is art..
and please before you embaras yourself do some research about wild life that shares the cities with us
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excuse me Evilbeagle who do you think you are blaming the pigeon its people like who have no one else to blame for what the humans did to this planet i have four word for you; suck it up bitch
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