2009 World Taxidermy Championship

Taxidermy has certainly come a long way since I last saw a stuffed animal head in a dark, stuffy lodge a long, long time ago.

Chad Garrison of the St. Louis Daily Riverfront Times blog shows us what "masters of masters" taxidermists can do, in this gallery of the 2009 World Taxidermy and Fish Carving Championships in St. Louis, Missouri: Link

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I'm a Taxidermist and truly love the art. All the wildlife I mount is leagally taken (no it's not caged and I agree that should be illegal) and the meat is used. Atleast the hide and horns, antlers ect, can be used and not waisted to recreate the natural beauty of the animal. I personally don't believe in only hunting for sport. That's not respecting the animals at all. When I hunt I'm hunting for meat through the winter and if I get one that's big, then that's just an added bonus to the hunt.
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They have the right to stuff, but do they have the Right Stuff?

I imagine the hardest part of taxidermy would be following a particular, beautiful animal until it passes away from completely natural causes.
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I'm not a hunter, and I don't really see the point of hunting for sport. I thought this was interesting, but not something I'd want in my home.

This in an improvement on those dull museum exhibits where the animals are standing statically around. You get a sense of what they can actually do.
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"legal hunting" is a really loose term- there are a lot of "wild game farms" here in texas (and elsewhere) that allow you to go up to penned, hand fed lions, gazelle, water buffalo, giaffes etc. and shoot them- for a fee of course.
it's not hunting. it's shooting caged animals, and it shouldn't be legal. it's a cheap thrill for some moron with a gun to feel like a big man.
i'm all for hunting to thin herds, to put the meat to use etc., but most of those animals are thrill kills, and that's wrong.

taxidermy itself is pretty interesting, and those are well done examples..but the piece behind it....egads.
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