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I loved the books, and I still LOVE the Wilder version. I don't care that Roald Dahl didn't like it, it stands on it's own as a great film. I adored as a food junkie child and even now I get the urge to watch every few years. The new one just couldn't live up to it for me. I didn't like the CGI oompa loompas, either, and frankly I've forgotten everything else about it besides Depp's costume. I get that Burton's vision is different, and closer to the book. It's interesting to see his take, but there's no contest for me. I think a lot of people felt that way. I just can't evaluate it on its own merits. I AM looking forward to Alice in Wonderland, though. There are so many versions already that I'm not faithful to one.
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Hm, sorry. I was wrong about his heart attack, and the young-ish age. Still, 79 is not worth giving up food for me. ALS is rare, but accidents and homicides are not. I'm all for preventive medicine but a prescription involving giving up something as universally fetishized as food seems unlikely to catch on. Ice cream is just worth it now and then if that's what you love, and you're a fatalist like me. We're fat storing creatures. Just because too much is bad for us doesn't mean we've evolved a mechanism to make us stop eating when we've covered all the nutritional bases. There was a time when we had to store all the fat we could. It's just mind over matter to use moderation and exercise regularly for some of us. CR seems to be for those who don't miss it and those who really, really love life. I'm sure it will benefit some people, but could also appeal to people with eating disorders as a label for the disease. I hope that if it does, they'll be careful to get the nutrition they need. In that case it might actually be beneficial, though not a cure for the psychological issues that underlie it.

Resveratrol is supposed to make you live longer, too. Ashkenazi Jews have a mutation that make them live longer, healthier lives under the right circumstances. That's my problem with life extending research. My 90 year old ashkenazi grandmother who is in perfect health aside from Alzheimer's. I know I don't want to live that long when I haven't seen a single suggestion of preserved cognitive functioning to go along with that old age. 110 and counting with dementia? No, thanks. People on CR must be betting on a cure within their lifetime. There's something to be said for advancing one part and expecting the other to catch up, I'm just not an optimist. (I am, however, verbose)
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zav's right, lots of fish do this, including the anenome clownfish (like Nemo). The young clownfish are male and the adults are female, so Nemo is just a big lie :)

I wish I could remember which fish (I want to say chichlid)only has one fertile male in a group that's a more vivid color than the rest. When the fertile male goes missing, a sterile male (not sure how it knows it's the next up) starts to change color after a few days and becomes fertile after a few more.

And those monstery looking anglerfish that live so deep that they never see any light? In some of the species, it's so hard to find a mate that when a male (tiny in comparison to the female) finds a female, he latches on with his teeth until becoming partially absorbed--an appendage--like a little sperm factory that she can seemingly control along with her reproductive cycle to release sperm when needed. Researchers didn't know there WAS a male at all for years, he was unrecognizable as a separate fish.

Reproduction is pretty complex for a lot of species, like bees and wasps. We get used to thinking of gender and reproduction in mammalian terms. It gets tough to imagine things like this (and stranger) exist in nature. I find it all fascinating. I wish more people knew about all the variety out there, it seems like it might make people more open minded.
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I read about this years ago. Be careful in reporting this the way you have, though. You do need to eat enough or your body will begin to eat muscle, including your heart. That's how anorexics end up having heart attacks. I'm not positive, but I THINK that's how the founder died (young-ish, after proclaiming that he'd live to a very old age).You can't predict the future, and food is too good to pass up on entirely. I've seen the recipes, they were almost all vegetables and that was it. I like vegetables, but come on.

I'm guessing this has something to do with our evolution when food was scarce. Low calorie intake was the norm, all this extra stuff we're jamming into ourselves is making us sick. No surprise there. The mediterranean diet also has health and longevity benefits but you get to have wine and food that actually tastes good. I'd be mean if I was hungry all the time. You become obsessed with food. Ask anyone on a strict diet. Anorexics become chefs pretty often.
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Agreed, this is sad and humiliating for a desperate woman. I'm not sure of the local laws there. In some states both parties are committing a crime, and in some states it's one or the other, so it seems like Oklahoma City places the blame on the woman, which I think is appalling.
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Very cute idea, obviously impractical, but it would look SO much better with interesting socket plates. The possibilities are endless!
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All or most of these were pulled from old standup routines, keychains, and bumper stickers. Bottom-rung humor. I was expecting better, but I guess it was free.
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I grew up in Westchester County NY (someone else mentioned it) and there were tons of black squirrels there. My neighbor made friends with one and it would sit on his shoulder. I had no idea they were rare.
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Echoing the choir. What a bizarre reaction to an awkwardly swimming fish. Beat it to death and put it in a cooler? Why the beatdown? And why stash a fish that looked ill anyway? I wouldn't want to eat it.
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S'Mac has a sampler now?!?! I am sooo sad they only opened a few months before I left NY. The brie with fig and mushrooms, cajun, and the manchego with fennel were to die for. The brownies they had delivered for them were amazing, too. I did notice that the portions had decreased quite a bit the last time I visited NY, but who needs a huge skillet of rich mac & cheese anyway? I love mine with breadcrumbs. They even let you take and bake your own. Man, I miss that place sometimes.
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Cute, but I got one made (like sitting for a caricature) for the equivalent of a few bucks on the street in China when I was a teenager, so $99 is sounding a bit too dear. This one is probably more sturdy, though, since mine didn't fare very well on the 22 hour flight home.
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This is sweet, and it's nice that she's helping these animals survive. I wonder if it will affect their reproductive success. Some animals reared by other species don't try to mate with their own species when they reach adulthood, they go for the species they were raised by or get rejected by their own. That's why some zoo workers dress up as the species they're raising or use puppets, and scent least with birds. I wonder if any of these animals will go for greyhounds.
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I can't do this because I can't remember the names of the small towns, but I just wanted to point out that Liana Maeby sounds at least as NPR as Liarna Kassel.
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