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Now find the guy that was on after this one, the one with the amazing blood slugs in his nose and throat. Most fascinating part of that episode!
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The focus on that particular doll's hair is from the Monster theme of the dolls - she's a werewolf.

That said, wtf are these doll companies thinking. Ridiculous proportions, skanky clothing... really?
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Oddly, I find Dirk's reply to be much more interesting than the footage of the people freaking out. I'd like to see something like this, just comparing and analysing the reactions of different genders, age groups, etc.
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Agreeing with Ratz, and adding that this store credit thing seems like the biggest source of 'free' items with these offers. I'm not even sure that we have a system like that in the UK at all (someone please correct me if I'm mistaken!)
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As a foreigner, I'd always assumed that 'Girl Scout cookies' were either home baked by the girl or her parents, or a collaborative effort by the whole troop. To realise now that they're a branded item that children are sent out to sell... wow. What a marketing strategy and a con. How much of that money goes to the girl and/or her troop? How much goes to the company that manufactures these? To advertising? etc etc.

As for these 'fakes' that the article addresses... I wasn't aware that these bakeries can claim that a round biscuit with a minty middle and dark chocolate outer coating was unique to the Girl Scouts. The packaging doesn't even try to fool you, they're just mint biscuits. What a ridiculous claim.
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I don't think there's any question that these fish haven't been trained to perform these moves. They're being controlled somehow. Personally, I'm not really convinced that the fish are real to begin with - they look rather shiny and plastic-like, even for fish.
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What's the deal with America and being unable to cope with foreign accents? An incredibly thick Indian accent is one thing, but even the slightest twang in a foreigner is enough to make people cry for subtitles (or teaching *them* how to speak with an American accent? Really?!)

I find American accents to be vastly different from coast to coast, but still ultimately understandable. Do Americans put subtitles on people from Texas? New York?

It's about as sad as the insistence on making any foreign language film into an American remake, or else the audience won't 'get it'.

Pathetic. :/
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The cat's making distressed noises further into the video. That kid comes incredibly close to accidentally landing on it. I'm not about to wave the 'omg cruel!' flag, but shame on the mother for allowing it.
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