Move Over, Barbie! New "Waxing, Plucking, and Shaving" Monster High Doll is Tops with Young Girls

What? You still think that Barbie is sending bad messages to young girls? Compared to Mattel's new Monster High doll, Barbie looks like a dowdy librarian:

Clawdeen Wolf comes complete with a thigh-skimming skirt, sky high boots and heavy makeup, and spends her days “waxing, plucking and shaving.”

“My hair is worthy of a shampoo commercial, and that’s just what grows on my legs. Plucking and shaving is definitely a full-time job but that’s a small price to pay for being scarily fabulous,” reads the character description of the teen werewolf doll, who also lists her favorite hobby as “flirting with boys.”

But the most frightful thing about Clawdeen, experts say, is the shocking impact she could have on girls aged 6 and up -- the very demographic Mattel is targeting.

Hollie McKay of Fox writes: Link

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This is not the problem. Everything mentioned is not the problem. Mildly the problem, but not the main problem. Anyone who goes to the store sometime, check these dolls out. And just look at how skinny they are. It is really hard to tell from the photos online, but if you see it in person, it is horrifying. Anorexia promotion to the max. That was the one thing that had me talking about it on the way home. Terrible! The waist, the arms, the legs. It's really disheartening.
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JT, I agree that the concept of Monster Dolls has potential, but I don't think they send a message of "taking pride in what makes you an individual" when the doll is changing her appearance to fit societal norms (hairlessness), when the doll is sexualized and when the character has nothing more interesting to list among her hobbies than "flirting with boys." It sends the message to girls that what's important is their appeal to the opposite sex.
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I love the idea of monster dolls for girls. But my little girl will never own one of these dolls. The outfit is not something I want my daughter to think is ok to wear, as a young girl (What she choses to put on as an adult is entirely up to her). There are enough teen moms out there, my baby is (hopefully) not going to be one of them.
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The Monster High dolls are some of the most well-designed dolls on the shelves. My artist friends and I are crazy about them as dolls that not only celebrate the fact that, yes, girls like horror too, but they are mass market toys that are unusually well made.

I remember the disappointment that Barbie brought, and the ridiculousness of Bratz, and with Monster High's message of taking pride in what makes you an individual I can safely say it is the best of the three doll lines.
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