Natural Short Sleepers: Late to Bed, Early to Rise and Damned Cheerful, Too!

Got sleep? Most of us hate getting up in the morning without getting a full night's sleep, but for a small group of people (about 1% to 3% of the general population), sleep seems to be a waste of time.

No wonder they can accomplish so much more: they're awake all the time (and not be cranky about it, either)

Natural "short sleepers," as they're officially known, are night owls and early birds simultaneously. They typically turn in well after midnight, then get up just a few hours later and barrel through the day without needing to take naps or load up on caffeine.

They are also energetic, outgoing, optimistic and ambitious, according to the few researchers who have studied them. The pattern sometimes starts in childhood and often runs in families.

While it's unclear if all short sleepers are high achievers, they do have more time in the day to do things, and keep finding more interesting things to do than sleep, often doing several things at once.


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My name is agava from Mombasa,Kenya. Am a natural short-sleeper. I can go out with friends till 5 in the morning but still wake at 7 am and go to college and stay awake the whole day. I also do lots of stuff at once which amuses people around me. I walk so fast even if am just iddling around and i also being late. I dont know if my situation is normal.
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I'm thinking that sleep habits change with age. When I was in my 30's and 40's I could stay up late and get up early. It was necessary as I had moonlighting jobs and a day job to support my family. Now at 70+ such behavior are simply not possible. In fact I find I need a couple of naps during the day in order to function at top level.
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When I was on my 20's I was an owl, but now (33 years) I'm definitively one of these. I go to bed usually around 2-2.30AM and go up at 7AM (even on weekends). With 5 hours of sleep I'm perfectly fine, if I sleep more than 7 hours I wake up badly.

The extra time is usually invested on reading and the PS3 :)
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