Brilliant Idea: To Get Tiny Hat to Stay On Head, Use Superglue

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If you'd like to hear stories about the dark side of humanity -- or just the stupid side -- talk to ER nurses. Oh, the tales that they can tell! Here's a comparatively mild example. Shawn needed to get a tiny hat to stay on his head. It was, of course, too small to stay on by itself. Did he acquire a larger hat? No. He used superglue to get the hat to stick. The next day, after the fancy dress party, he realized that he may have acted hastily and reported to the local hospital for assistance. This clip from a BBC Three program showed how the hospital staff tried to solve the problem. To Shawn's credit, he's a good sport about it.

via Ace of Spades HQ

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Lol & kudos to the doctor for keeping a straight face.

(I agree though that this looks like a set up. Even if it's real would you parade in front of national TV? Or maybe he really IS that dumb. Hmm.)
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Now find the guy that was on after this one, the one with the amazing blood slugs in his nose and throat. Most fascinating part of that episode!
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Until it falls off, there are always bigger hats. It is probably me projecting this but the boyfriend appeared to be thinking. "you are pretty, but not this pretty... when this is over I am so dumping you"
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