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For ages I've wanted to dress up like The Beadle and apply for an Arts Council (no apostrophe) to be the Apostropher Royal.
I'd walk round with a long stick with a marker pen on the end, and a bell. My duties would include correcting errant apostrophes, then ringing the bell loudly to expostulate on what had been wrong and why it was now better.

Actually, the interview with the bloke that I saw, he certainly wasn't a grammar fascist. He happily admitted that he isn't the final word on the subject and that people might come along and correct him, but that at least he was trying to put right the more obvious ones.
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When you think about it - how likely is it that we'd be able to walk in a reliable straight line? Any deviation will eventually bring you back around - a straight line is highly improbable.
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eni - I think moop's talking about the Weburbanist site. I agree - it's utterly dire - worse, I can't find a reliable filter for AdBlock!
That toolbar at the bottom is really intrusive - even when you turn it off it doesn't go away completely. The layout is very cluttered and hard to use.
A long vertical scrolling effort isn't good, either. It needs to be broken into several smaller pages.

I notice Neatorama's pages are getting longer, too. Is there any particular reason behind it? Stuff that's more than a couple of days old needn't be visible on the front page.
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