Saving The Tamarins By Making Them Into Pets

Tamarins are considered highly endangered in the wild yet they are an increasingly popular pet amongst those who wish to purchase a NHP (Non-Human Primate).

Do you want to help save the Tamarins? Why not adopt one as a pet? Here's the pros and cons:

Captive bred Tamarins can be hugely rewarding pets and can form a real bond with their owner that will be cherished for many years. The rewards of owning one can be manifold. The real question is not whether this is the right pet for you. The real question is whether or not you are the right owner.

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If the content of the article - which for the first half concentrates on the CONS of owning/buying a Tamarin isn't enough to put off everyone but those most committed to the upkeep and preservation of the animal with all the attendant responsibilities - then I don't know what is!

Sadly only the future of the captive Tamarin is 100% assured. The poverty of those people living in its habitat has meant that the illegal pet trade has profited, but just as much harm has been done to the local populations of the species by deforestation as anything else. Plus, the good old plastic bag, strewn with abandon by settlers in those areas, has killed many - imagine, it only weighs a pound. A lot of projects have been started (including one which collects the plastic bags from the forest and makes them in to long lasting and durable shopping bags by combining hundreds in to a single bag structure then to be sold on)but many beliee it to be too little too late.

We have to be pragmatic. Captive Tamarins may one day be used to revitalize and reinvigorate a stock in the wild with declining genetic viability. However if they do not have a 'wild' in which to live (another issue but inextricably bound to the fate of this species) then where do they go?

Sorry folks, this has raised as many questions as it does answers...
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Thats a great idea and a great solution. Its kind of like taking responsibility for what we did to them. Sharing our home's because we took theirs away from them.
I can honestly say I support the domestication of all animals... I think of it as a different way to live in harmony with them. Other wise we WILL end up killing all of them off.
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That's a terrible idea and a terrible solution; very irresponsible. But this is what happens when your posts come from a "Queuebot". This site was better before the "Queue".
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