Stupid Table Manners

If you think about it, table manners are just one of the ways The Man has got us under his thumb. Separate forks for salad, fish, oyster and dinner? It's oppression, I tell you.

Our BFF BuzzFeed is revolting against some of the stupidest table manners today and have provided means for us regular Joes to resist being civilized:

1. Multiple Forks
Oppressive rule: You sit down at a fancy restaurant and are immediately faced with a vast array of forks.

Resistance solution: Side-step the utensils. God gave you hands for a reason.

2. Eating Soup With A Spoon
Oppressive rule: Despite the fact that soup is a liquid, we're forced to ladle in out in painfully small increments, always with the threat of spillage.

Resistance solution: Use a straw if it's thin broth; lift the bowl and DRINK DIRECTLY FROM THE BOWL if it's anything hearty.

Miss Manners is surely horrified: Link - Thanks Matt!

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There r different rules of etiquette for different countries...why should we have to learn n prepare all those rules before having meal as if we were preparing for an exam?...
My opinion is that dining is always graceful as long as it is comfortable without oppressive stupid rules of table manners.
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haha love this. just watched Penn & Teller's Bullshit on manners. manners are great, but it's etiquette that's retarded. all the stupid little rules that do nothing to make the people you're dining with have a good time. that's what manners are. making sure the people you're with have a nice time.
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oh yeah,agree with #1, eat using hand is double delicious. But it depends on what kind of food.
If eating spicy pickles + dried prawn squeeze with lime juice + with hot steamed rice is amazing. No need any other food. I can have double plate of rice. haha. (i miss that moments)
may be it sounds really weird for western. but in asian You can find quite a number of countries have this eating style.

#2. drink directly from bowl.
oh yeah why not....just glup from the bowl. the chef will be really happy to see you have so much passion on his creation.

but I will do that only at home and certain restaurant. ^_^
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