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Well, it's certainly a great way of ensuring that the site stays dead forever. How morbid. The fact that the slabs are surrounded by verdant countryside makes it worse.

Ste, we don't have to visit it to understand the concept. I think forest or farmland would not only be a better use of space, but a living field would be a far better memorial/tribute to the living town it replaced.
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Has nobody here heard of the term Freethinker as applied to systems of belief and reasoning? I believe this might be what the Pastor is referring to.

From Wikipedia: Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that beliefs should be formed on the basis of science and logic and should not be influenced by emotion, authority, tradition, or any dogma. The cognitive application of freethought is known as freethinking, and practitioners of freethought are known as freethinkers.

Of course, the pastor is wrong: Freethinkers are not slaves of Satan at all, since there is no scientific or logical reason to believe that any such entity exists.
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Vat iz a redikyoulus eyedeer. Wile evrywun myte evenshulee undrstanned viss parergraf wiv sum decoading, kan ew imajin redeing a hole novl oar skewl tekstbuk vat woz ritten in viss weigh? Ewe mite be aibull to piq yore wai frue vuh techst byt bye byt but its knot mutch phun iz it?

If we accepted every erroneous spelling as a valid alternative, it would take far too long to read anything of any reasonable length. We would also have problems distinguishing between homophones. Smith's logic is absurd.
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Adam Stanhope: so some things are true, therefore this could be? No. Humans just don't live that long, and the evidence for this outweighs the evidence for this man's ridiculous claim, especially considering the vague nature of the documentation involved.
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Silly cow. You're not being discriminated against; it's just that this phone is not the one for you if you choose (and it is your choice) to have long nails. To avoid the problem and keep your nails, just choose a different phone that does come with a stylus. There are lots of them available, and no doubt there are one or two that are better than the iPhone.

You could only really claim unfair disrimination if long fingernals were an involuntary disability. Stupid stupid stupid.
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It's A Small World is annoying, tacky and patronising. I can't see the harm in making it yet more annoying, tacky, and patronising. I mean, it's not as if it really has any integrity to maintain, is it?
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So, Mr Kaloyev, you went to Switzerland and killed a father-of-three and guess what, it still didn't bring your wife and kids back. You killed him for the sake of "the memory" of your children, you say? So would you object to the children of the man you murdered tracking you down and murdering you for the sake of the memory of their father?
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I thought this was pretty cool until the end. If he hates them so much why has he KEPT 30,000,000 FLY CORPSES? That's revolting. I wonder if he, y'know, 'does things' with his big bag o' flies.
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