The Fly Slayer, Kung Fu Master

Here's a story of Hu Shulin, a Chinese martial artist/business man who dedicated his life battling his mortal enemy: flies.

Hit play or go to Link [LiveLeak] - via Arbroath

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From a kung-fu parody movie called "They Call Me Bruce?"

"You see that fly?" (Guy karate-chops fly in midair; fly continues buzzing away.)
"It's still alive."
"Yes... but it will never have children."
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I thought this was pretty cool until the end. If he hates them so much why has he KEPT 30,000,000 FLY CORPSES? That's revolting. I wonder if he, y'know, 'does things' with his big bag o' flies.
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1) We only need about a million Hu Shulins and we can rid the world of pesticides.

2) "...the chamber is like a nightclub for flies, where they party themselves to death." That sounds like the intro to a Dateline NBC story.
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