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Don't feed the trolls. That's why they're here.

My grandpop did the same thing, and after that we watched Unsolved Mysteries for a couple of hours. This year has been so terrible. Now that the "greats" are all passing it really may be the time to turn off the radio. Godspeed, Walt.
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Heh, funny. Guys, FUD is not a laughing matter. I'm sure owners who've had their pets destroyed because of said FUD would not find it so funny. I'm disappointed neatorama editors didn't point out this ridiculous element. Pit bulls used to be the generic family dog up through the fifties.

Disclaimer: I own a pit bull, and he's an awesome dog. The felines would disagree, but he tries to love them anyway.
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Get this crap out of here. One of the last things we should be drawing attention to is treating pets like accessories, belongings to be customized. I'm surprised the entry is ended with "what's your take on this?" And the sad thing is, some people would think it to be cool.

I'm very disappointed.
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Chrome smokes Firefox on Vista. At least for me. On my OpenBSD workstation at work, Konqueror's the fastest, and Seamonkey comes in a close second (Chrome doesn't run on BSD, yet). Webkit is no joke and I see rendering issues less and less as it gains popularity. I guess we'll see even more progress when the new engines and such come out since Mozilla's claiming their new javascript interpreter is supposed to be the new king of speed.
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That car can be ugly as it wants to be, at least it's a nice piece of engineering. It's almost as quick as some sport bikes, and will nearly keep pace with a Nissan GT-R on the way to 60mph.
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My sister sleepwalks. When I lived in a townhouse with her and my mom, she would sleepwalk up and down two flights of stairs just fine. One example is when she wandered down into my room. I awoke to her fussing with a beanbag chair. I asked what she was doing, and she just looked right through me, and said she was looking to get ready for school. Asked where her books were. She thought it was her bookbag.

Typically I couldn't wake her, and would just lead her back to her room. Stress does funny things to people.
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Ya know, I went into this article after reading the description expecting to be amused by a couple of people acting like jackasses... and I kinda did, but I also came out feeling somewhat amazed. The writing is dripping with sarcasm but it fails to put this guy out. This dude is _into_ it.

Plus, you can't really knock anyone who who makes it their sole duty to honestly try and help people even during his day job above anything else. That takes balls, delusional or not. Good for him that he's actually doing something he loves and committing his life to it. Thanks for posting this.
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You people blow my friggin' mind. It takes more than a dog stepping on a cat to break bones. Stop trying to make this act seem less heinous so you can rest easy. And I can't BELIEVE someone had the audacity to comment that perhaps since the cat was defecating on someone else's property that gave the the authority to crush this cat. Right, maiming someone or some animal trespassing on your property is perfectly acceptable.
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I'm surprised the tags are even in the right place. Having worked as a vendor I found most Walmarts were understaffed, behind in setting up planograms and tagging because they were so busy restocking and cleaning up after the cretins that shop there. Things like this happen too. You have to really pay attention when you shop. They do prey on ignorance, I've heard them talk about it.
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They debunked the myth of driving with your windows uses more gas versus using a/c on MythBusters. The truck driving with the a/c on ran out of gas much more quickly than the truck driving with the windows down. Both of my cars go quite a bit farther on a tank when I don't use a/c as well so I don't think their experiment was a fluke.
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I have two pairs of Vivo Barefoot Aquas. They were very expensive, and the sole wears out faster than I'd like, but they are extremely comfortable once you get used to them. You don't realize how busted your gait is until you put a pair on and wear them for the first time. My posture is better now too.

I'm sure everyone's mileage will vary... a lot of people just can't get used to wearing a shoe without a heel and give up. I adjusted after an hour or so. If you have "bad" feet, they're probably not for you though I've heard some have toughed that out and been the better for it.
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