Make Neatorama Zippy: Use Firefox!

In the Great Upcoming Queue Revolt of 2009, Neatorama reader Shon commented how Neatorama takes a long time to load. This was quite surprising to me, since we spent a lot of time, money, and effort to make Neatorama's front page - long and full of pictures as it is - loads fast. Well, as fast as it could if you're on broadband, that is (sorry, dial-uppers! No amount of optimization will overcome a slow connection).

So, I spent some time last night poking around, and sure enough: Neatorama's front page took its sweet-*ss time of 15 to 20 seconds to load on Internet Explorer 6.0 (the only IE copy I have on my computer). That ain't right - the front page content takes less than 2 to 3 seconds to load on Firefox. I think the difference is how Firefox renders the page as it downloads, versus IE displaying everything only after everything has been downloaded.

A while ago, we've moved calls to slow external ad servers to the end of the Neatorama page. This lets the content be displayed on Firefox browsers even before you see the rest of the page loads. It sure beats staring at a blank page on IE!

So, if you're that 1 in 3 Neatorama readers still using that slow-poke Internet Explorer, it's time to give Firefox a chance! Link

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This wasn't a fair comparison at all, pitting IE6 against current browsers of today. And you should've specified versions of all the browsers in your graph; as there's great disparity even between each browser's version.
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Chrome smokes Firefox on Vista. At least for me. On my OpenBSD workstation at work, Konqueror's the fastest, and Seamonkey comes in a close second (Chrome doesn't run on BSD, yet). Webkit is no joke and I see rendering issues less and less as it gains popularity. I guess we'll see even more progress when the new engines and such come out since Mozilla's claiming their new javascript interpreter is supposed to be the new king of speed.
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To be honest I've noticed a notable decrease in load time since switching to Firefox. I find pages load faster on dialup in firefox then they do in dsl using IE.

And I find that VERY impressive. I still use dialup, so that's REALLY something.

Neatorama! <3
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Hi Alex,

I'm glad to see you advocating for Firefox. IE6 is the pits.

You might want to try installing the YSlow plugin for information on what could be slowing your pages down:

Specifying a height for every img tag may help the page render more quickly. I'm curious if the JavaScript StumbleUpon and BuzzUp buttons could be causing any trouble?

I also kind of wonder if the 1,701 HTML errors (wow) could be slowing your page rendering down as the browser tries to make sense of your markup.
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I swear to god I laughed so hard when I read my name. I can't believe that over so many years of readin this blog I would have a post with my name on it! I have a registered name but I only used it twice to enter a tokyoflash contest. It's under the e-mail or If you could send me a message with my name and password I'd appreciate it!

I'm also going to put up this post on my blog: for memories!
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