Real Superheroes Are A Little Crazy

While I was on vacation this Christmas, I was lucky enough to grab the newest article of Rolling Stone and read "The Legend of Master Legend." I haven't read anything so funny in a long time.

I highly recommend reading this brilliant article that details the exploits of real life superheroes. Their main focus is on the man on the right in the photo, his name is Master Legend and he makes his own weapons to fight crime. And he give socks to homeless people to help fight staph infections.

While their hearts are in the right place, I have to believe there's less insane ways to save the world. Still, it's hard to resist adoring their great stories:
There was the time Master Legend and the Ace shut down a crack den; the drug kingpin they put out of business; the money Master Legend forcibly retrieved from a thief who stole from a handicapped Vietnam vet; and the recent mission when the Justice Force had to "put the stomp on a child molester and his gang of crackheads." They had a plan, but things went awry when Master Legend's brother was captured in the thick of battle by the child molester, whom they call Tree Man Roy.

UPDATE: For more pictures and a touch more info from the author of the article itself, be sure to visit this link.


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Ya know, I went into this article after reading the description expecting to be amused by a couple of people acting like jackasses... and I kinda did, but I also came out feeling somewhat amazed. The writing is dripping with sarcasm but it fails to put this guy out. This dude is _into_ it.

Plus, you can't really knock anyone who who makes it their sole duty to honestly try and help people even during his day job above anything else. That takes balls, delusional or not. Good for him that he's actually doing something he loves and committing his life to it. Thanks for posting this.
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Something about this appeals to me in an odd way. As crazy as they seems, there's something... just neat about the idea of helping people and fighting crime. A life of adventure and knowing you're making people's lives better. Oh, sure, I'm sure it's dangerous as all hell, but you'd probably feel good at the end of the day.
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