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I would love some kind of contraption for yellow box junctions!

I would say 90% of the drivers here in the UK do not know what they are for. Be great if the actual yellow lines burned the wheels of those obstructing others.
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Don't know if it would be useful here in the UK. I live in a city and drive daily, what I see is a lot of drivers setting off just before the lights change to green, as they are watching the other set of lights change from green to red. This causes a lot of near misses as the last car passes the junction.

I am guessing it would only increase the amount of people setting off in the last few seconds before the change.
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"Thankfully, it's just a concept, and hopefully none will be buildt"

Guess you didn't look at their other video then because it is being built!

I think it's gorgeous...I want one, if I had enough money and owned my own house I would sell up and buy one!
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Why not? ^

Getting sick of the amount of people on this site who question every creative creation...why, what's the point, who cares...ect

Why do you even live? You boring people disgust me.
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Well thanks to this post I've bought the game for $0.50 and that's $0.50 more than they would have had because I would never have got it otherwise...Plus it's a really cool game, well happy!

Yes...I am cheap.
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Well what's being reported over here (UK) is that this was totally a media stunt. Kids don't know how to lie and the fact he said the he was told it was for a 'show' means it probably was.
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