The Amazing Bouncing Pebble Toad

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Tiny pebble toads have a unique defensive strategy against tarantulas that involves freefalling like a rubber ball.

The above footage is from the "Reptilians and Amphibians" episode of BBC Life, a new epic nature documentary series in the ilk of Planet Earth. The episode also features the incredible Jesus Christ Lizard that walks on water and the unsinkable pygmy gecko.

- via bbc

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by rubberrepublic.

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Poor toad... I counted nine separate shots in front of a well composed high speed camera... As I doubt they had 9 or 10 cameras installed at various perfect locatoins, the chances are good this poor little guy fell (was tossed) past the camera more than two dozen times. The skeptic in me is reminded of lemmings... but I'll give BBC the benefit of the doubt that this might happen in nature.
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Saw this program last night and there were some seriously neat creatures in it. The footage of the this little toad falling all the way back down the rock face was pretty cool. I also liked the little tiny unsinkable pygmy gecko that was smaller than a fingernail and just floated on the water surface.
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