Cat in a Freezer for 19 Hours

A cat named Krillen survived 19 hours in a freezer in Te Kuiti, New Zealand. Sarah Crombie heard a faint meow when she approached the freezer, which hadn't been used since her partner Sid Sisson shut it the night before. He didn't realize that Krillem had jumped inside. The freezer was set to -18C, the coldest possible setting. She opened the lid and saw him on a bag of dog food.
"I raced inside to get Sid and as I came out, Krillen rolled off the bag in an attempt to get out, but he was that frozen he just rolled to the bottom of the freezer on his back," she said.

"At first we thought his eyeballs were frozen. I've never seen a cat with such big eyes."

Fortunately, Sid, 28, knew it was essential to raise the body temperature of hypothermia sufferers slowly. So he put the cat under his shirt and got into bed with him.

It took three hours under the covers for the cat to stop shaking. Krillen appears to have recovered without frostbite. Link -via Arbroath

(image credit: Bruce Mercer)

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This same thing actually happened to me.My bf got something out of the freezer and the cat must of slipped in and he closed it back without seeing her in there.We looked everywhere for her even driving up and down the road callin for her and walking around the yard with a falshlight we even looked under our house and in every place in the house EXCEPT the freezer.We gave up and I was a crying mess went to get some ice out and there she was curled up in a ball she was fine came out meowed like nothing was going on.
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Once I was sleeping, and I could hear my cat meowing, I opened the door to let her in but she wasnt there, we ended up taking out a down light after looking all around the room and she popped her nose out... She was in the roof!!! climbed up through the hole where the range hood use to go in the kitchen. We own a 2 storey house.. it was fun tryin to get her out again!!!!! ended up dragging her out by the scruff through an old exhaust fan hole!!! The kitchen cupboard is now always left shut!! Gee they are funny little things...
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I'm with Colin. How in hell do you not see your furry buiddy get in the freezer. I'm a fat ass and know mine try to see what my fat ass is goona take out. Pure indefferential <> dip dongs.
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