The Last Supper Made Out Of Rubik's Cubes

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Five artists from the art collective Cube Works in Toronto recreated Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper out of 4,050 cubes, in all measuring 8.5 by 17 feet. The work was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records and sold to a collector in Florida.

Link via Popped Culture | Artists' Website (Warning: self-starting audio)

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Why can't we question art? Do we have to roll over and accept everything uncritically?

The trouble with not being allowed to question the justification for a piece of "art" is that it means that anyone can produce anything and call it art. While in itself that isn't necessarily a problem, it causes a lot of trouble later when the artist expects public funding to be allowed to continue to play in the sandbox.

I could probably bullshit a justification for it as well as the next reader - perhaps it's to highlight the underlying enigma that is Christ's betrayal and willing self-sacrifice. Perhaps it's to demonstrate an underlying order beneath the chaos of man's freedom to choose. Who knows. That's why I asked "why"?

Or would you rather I just looked at it and smiled vaguely and said "Look at the lovely blurry colours, isn't it pretty."?
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He just asked a question, he didn't actually state it was frivolous. Just a single "Why?" does seem very vague in what Skipweasel... but to me it's a pretty valid question. What drives us on our daily activities, or drive to create that which does nothing, yet means something to us. Why indeed. If "Why" had a flavour, what would it taste like? Why am I even asking this question? Why not?
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Why not? ^

Getting sick of the amount of people on this site who question every creative creation...why, what's the point, who cares...ect

Why do you even live? You boring people disgust me.
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