The Most Dangerous Roads On Earth

Simon Seeks has compiled a list of the most dangerous roads in the world. Many feature rock slide hazards, hair pin turns, steep cliffs and no guard rails. Still, it's amazing just how beautiful some of these deadly roads are --often because the views from these places are unbelievable.

Link Image Via Damian Morys [Flickr]

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In the early Spring of 1997 I rode the Yungas Road in Bolivia by bus. The driver was a boy/man of maybe 18 or 19 years old, he hit a car right after leaving the busstation. At that moment I didn't know about the road, but if I had, I would have run.
Sitting in a windowseat in the back of the bus, I was actually hanging over the ravine in each right turn. Busses and trucks could only pass eachother in the turns, water from the moutains was flooding the road. I was really scared. I took a plane back to La Paz.
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I did that Italian one a few years ago on my 1st big trip on my new big motorbike- Halfway down it started to rain. When we were down that road, my passenger was all happy and exited and inspired and had had the best ride in her life whereas I had ridden my Ultimate Nightmare and had about peed in my pants for fear... :-)

...Mind you I come from the Netherlands where the highest elevations are the bridges over our waterways and the wole rest is about as flat as where they play icehockey....
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Uuuuuugh, we've been on that Italian road. It is freaking AWFUL. Specially if you're stuck in a car w/ a girl that gets motion sickness often and has to puke every other minute. It's long, and winds around and seriously.. I don't succumb to motion sickness easily, and by the middle of it, I was feeling like I had to puke.
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