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It might have worked if he was the artist Gavin Turk...

Tea Stain
Edition of 1000, signed, numbered and dated
Tea on Somerset paper
14 7/8 x 11 3/16 in. (37.8 x 28.4 cm)
Each work is unique
£75 + VAT (unframed)

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What's wrong with just wearing normal but warm clothes? perhaps also wear thermal underwear ( http://www.xcelcius.com/us/ )

You could then actually leave the house without looking stupid.
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I haven't heard a good argument or reasoning for keeping guns, apart from it's 'your right' or 'it's in the constitution', really what is the point?

Do you really feel safer having them? rather than protecting yourselves you're more likely to put yourself in danger as the burglar (or whatever) is going to assume you've got a gun and take one himself, he's got the element of surprise on you and will likely shoot first.

As I live in England I'm very very unlikely to be a victim of gun crime or a gun accident. Nearly everyone that is killed by guns here are involved in the shady underground criminal business and unfortunately the odd innocent person gets caught in the crossfire.
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Isn't this what guns are for? killing people.

I can't believe the stupidity of anyone that would let children handle guns, why not give them crack cocaine and a pipe too, perhaps they don't because that would be irresponsible and dangerous.
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What's wrong with sticking an X on a piece of paper? all the nonsense with swinging and hanging chads etc meant you Americans have already had the wrong president.

Who thinks the election may be cancelled due to 'the economic crisis'? ;)
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"What is it with the British and garbage?"

Garbage is an American word, we'd say rubbish, 'rubbish bin' not 'trash can', and if the rubbish men or bin collectors want to sound posh they'd call themselves refuse officers!
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I thought egg on pizza was normal until I read this, a very common pizza in England is the Fiorentina - Spinach and Egg is a superb combination, I always ask for extra mushrooms too

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Independent petrol (gas) stations in the UK have been shutting at an alarming rate, in fact 600 a year since 2002, here's the report from the BBC website

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