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I started primary school in 1970, I remember my dad being invited into the classroom a year or two later to show everyone the marvel that was his electronic 'pocket' calculator, no one in the class had seen one before!

By time I was 17 I went on to further education in one of the few schools that had decent computer technology. They had 4 terminals connected to a mainframe a few miles away via modem, it was some sort of business partnership with a few local schools. The modem was basically a device that the old fashioned telephone handles had to plug into.

In the computer room there were paper tape and punched card readers/writers for storage and programing.
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I too am in England where according to the post from 'me' it's $8.83 a gallon, you Americans are going to have to get used to it, and think about driving economical cars, any vehical that does less than 35 miles to the gallon is inexcusable, it's pretty easy to get cars than do 50+ mpg, changing your car could in affect half the price of fuel, and help the environment too.
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I've smoked pot (hash) almost every day since I was 17, I'm now 43.

No harm here except for any unseen damage that maybe happening to my lungs from the smoke, mentally I'm fine, I've always been in employment, home owner and now run my own business.

Why should the government step in to try and stop me? we need to make decisions for ourselves why would anyone on this comments page want me to stop?

I'm also a vegetarian I don't go around saying that for health and moral reasons everyone else should be vegetarian, I'll leave that decision to you individuals, I'm just doing what is right for me.
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