What's Wrong With Gun Nuts: Eight-Year-Old Boy Given Uzi and Fatally Shot Self in Head

Let's see: an 8-year-old boy shootin' an Uzi submachine gun at a gun show while his dad reached for a camera. What could go wrong?

Here's a tragic story about how a boy fatally shot himself in the head while trying out a weapon of war:

The machine gun shoot drew hundreds of people from as far away as Maine and Virginia. An advertisement said it would include machine gun demonstrations and rentals and free handgun lessons.

"It's all legal & fun — No permits or licenses required!!!!" reads the ad, posted on the club's Web site. "You will be accompanied to the firing line with a Certified Instructor to guide you. But You Are In Control — "FULL AUTO ROCK & ROLL," the ad said. [...]

Christopher, a third-grader, was attending the show with his father and sixth-grade brother, Colin. Christopher had fired handguns and rifles before, but Sunday was his first time firing an automatic weapon, said his father, Charles Bizilj.

Bizilj told the Boston Globe he was about 10 feet behind his son and reaching for his camera when the weapon fired. He said his family avoided the larger weapons, but he let his son try the Uzi because it's a small weapon with little recoil.

"This accident was truly a mystery to me," said Bizilj, director of emergency medicine at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Stafford, Conn. "This is a horrible event, a horrible travesty, and I really don't know why it happened."


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wow what a bunch of anti-gun douche bags. People are so incredibly stupid. If you look at the statistics of children who are shot with guns the numbers seem staggering. What most don't realize is that the statistics are based on minors under the age of 18. Which encompases all the no count gang bangers in america. I live in a relitively large city in the Southern United Sates where every home has multiple guns and gun crime is non-existent

If people want to see a real reduction in crimes and murders in the United States then they should be pushing to have harsher sentences on gang members and related crime. But that will never happen, because the police and politicians don't have the balls to actually confront the problems. Instead they place the blame on a inanimate object, and try to take away good innocent peoples only line of defense against the scum of society.

Bottom line guns defend innocent people who have the guts to own and properly use them.

Maybe one day you anti-gun people will be getting robbed at knife point and one of us good hearted legal gun owners will be there to defend you ungreatful innocent bast@rds. Or perhaps you would just rather wait till the police get there pick up your pieces.

People keep saying how robbers and thieves will have the upper hand in a armed conflict. I beg to differ. As a armed Licensed Concealed weapons carrier you have the element of surprise. Just give the perp your money and Put a couple bullets in his back when he runs off.

There will always be people getting murdered. It's been that way forever and always will be. I personally would rather take a quick shot to the vitals than be hacked up with a knife or have my head crushed with a hammer.

You people across the pond I understand. You have always been a bunch of spineless sheeple and I expect such. Your government has stripped you of the right to defend yourselves, but you Americans on here saying how guns are evil need to be banned seriously need to go learn some appreciation for the effort our fore fathers put into our Constitution.

What happened to that kid was an absolute trajedy and is fully the fault of the people operating the shooting range. There should definitely be a age requirement to shoot fully automatic weapons.
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That's so badass... I wonder if when he was shooting himself his nerves kept the trigger squeezed and the gun was still firing like that scene in Predator when Carl Weathers got his arm cut off and his gun was still firing... awesome movie! wooooooooooooooo!!

Actually, let me retract my statement of badassness, it was a bit premature. I just got all pumped about this story.

Now what would've been badass if the zombie kid turned to the crowd with the trigger pegged, mowing down people and it caused this huge panic and everyone was grabbing whatever guns were available and returned fire... smoke, explosion, mayhem, people getting trampled... kickass!
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I haven't heard a good argument or reasoning for keeping guns, apart from it's 'your right' or 'it's in the constitution', really what is the point?

Do you really feel safer having them? rather than protecting yourselves you're more likely to put yourself in danger as the burglar (or whatever) is going to assume you've got a gun and take one himself, he's got the element of surprise on you and will likely shoot first.

As I live in England I'm very very unlikely to be a victim of gun crime or a gun accident. Nearly everyone that is killed by guns here are involved in the shady underground criminal business and unfortunately the odd innocent person gets caught in the crossfire.
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Hmm... let's look at a recent news report:

"SEOUL, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- Six people were killed in a Seoul fire allegedly set by a man on a knifing rampage, police said."

Zany Koreans, they should ban fire and knives. This one man's behavior is indicative of the thoughts and beliefs of an entire nation of over 49 million. They are all fire and knife nuts over there because they don't make laws to ban that which can possibly kill them if in the wrong hands. I can't believe how stupid they ALL are. Once you put fire or a knife in a Korean's hand, they just start killing indiscriminately and uncontrollably. Unbelievable.

I think I've made my point quite well. My logic is flawless, really. In fact, I think you could apply this line of reasoning to guns as well and it would sound completely sane. No, really.
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Thank you for concisely stating the background that I relied on in making my earlier post (Oct. 28, 12:16 am).

It is not the gun, or the fact that it kills easily, that is at issue. The issue is personal responsibility. This sense of civic duty prevents gun owners from shooting their neighbors in precisely the same way that it prevents Little League players from attacking each other with baseball bats.

@those commenters who are unfamiliar with the handling and operation of firearms, why aren't you frothing at your mouths about bows, arrows and atlatls? Or steak knives?

A question for those who do not live in America but excoriate our freedom to own and use firearms: What is the murder weapon of choice in your country? Why haven't you done something about that weapon, like making them go away by passing a law?
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