The 50 Most Famous Cars

Ride Lust has a rundown of famous cars from movies and television, in no particular order. Take a look and see if your favorite is there. Link -via the Presurfer

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My car is great it never fails unlike those old Aston Martins. I also happen to like gone in sixty seconds car a great deal it would be great to have around beside my beauty.
/ \
(|(\_/)|) Super Headphones!!!
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Feh... Obviously written by a 20-something American with limited viewing habits.

What about The Prisoner's Lotus 7 or The Doctor's beloved yellow roadster Bessie (or the 'Whomobile' though it might be disqualified for having 3 wheels and the outward appearance of being a hovercraft) Where's John Steed's Bentley or Emma Peel's Lotus Elan?

If you're going strictly red white and blue, then at the very least, there should have been a mention for the Munster's Koach, Grandpa Munster's Drag-u-la, plus the 1928 Porter from "My Mother The Car"
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So the list includes the new mini from the excrable remake of the italian job....but DOESN'T include the Mini Cooper Ss used in the original and terrific film?

Also not sure he got the designatiion right on the Mad Max car. Aussies are pretty precious about their cars.
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"The 50 Most Famous Cars"

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