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Not a great list at all, I agree that the Thing, & 2CV shouldn't be on the list, it's also missed off the Austin Allegro & Austin Ital, the Trebant, Lada Niva, & some dreadful 70's Peugeots, Fiats and Renaults.
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100 pairs of shoes! and this pair worth £400, that could total up to an obscene amount of money, sorry, but I've no sympathy with the woman, and I'm sure the poorer people of Bristol couldn't give a damn about her shoe either.
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This is mad, I thought the idea of pinball was to reach a high score whilst not letting the ball escape with skilful use of the paddles.

This version amounts to the same as putting a tennis ball in a cardboard box and shaking it about.
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This is a case of the grass is greener the other side of the fence.

I'm happy enough were I live, which is Devon, England, but high on my list of alternatives would be Barcelona in Spain.
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There's plenty of cliff coastline near me that hasn't any fencing at all!

What annoys me about TV like this is we're treated as if we've the memory of a fish, the clip of the girl falling through the fence was shown 5 times! twice I could put up with, but 5 times is crazy.
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Obviously this is a joke, Barry Bernard is actually Vic Reeves the comedian.

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Christophe does indeed speak the truth, for me my favourite champagnes (within reason) are Bollinger for the fuller flavour (but not as rich as Pol Roger) Veuve Clicquot for a light in England expect to pay between £25 - £30 if you shop around. The Bollinger Grande Annee is even better but will cost around £50.

As for sparkling wine go for a good Cava, Campo Viejo is very reasonable at about £4-£7.

If you're feeling very flush go for Krug or Dom Perignon both are around £100 which for me is too much.
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Very funny reading all the comments, it's all quite simple really, the girl got better, angels don't exist, and we have a photo of some lights.
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