Modern-day Cinderella Looks for Shoe

37-year old Louise Bawn of Bristol, England was out for a night on the town and had changed her high heels for flats to relieve her aching feet. At home, she realized one shoe was missing from her purse. The £400 pair of Christian Louboutin shoes had been a gift from her husband. Brawn said she would go to any lengths to get the shoe back, and has retraced her steps, handed out flyers, and offered a reward for the safe return of the missing shoe. She has even places a classified ad with a picture of the shoe’s mate.
"When I realised that I had lost my shoe I was devastated, totally inconsolable.

"I've called Louboutin and they don't make that fabric any more, so they're irreplaceable.

"I suppose it's rather like Cinderella, only I've already got my Prince Charming, it's just my shoe that I'm after."

Link -via Arbroath

A later story revealed that Bawn owns over 100 pairs of shoes! Link

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@ ted

She does sound pretty spoiled. I own two pairs of shoes. One for going to town and for running and another which is a pair of boots, for choring, hiking, etc. And anyway, if you have So much money,what on earth would possess you to just buy hundreds of shoes.
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Cuimnhe, had you finished the first sentence, you would realize the folly of your comment. She "had changed her high heels for flats to relieve her aching feet".

Yes, she has the right to fritter away her money on expensive shoes. She has the right to be as shallow as she wants. Nobody's going to feel all that sorry for her. She sounds a little spoiled.
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It's worth 400 pounds for designer shoes. They're much better made and well fitting designer shoes do NOT hurt your feet. It's the cheap shoes that give you blisters. I also think it's ridiculous how much hostility there seems to be over someone using their money to buy something that makes them happy. It's their money, they can do whatever they want with it.
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