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Check out the winning numbers of the Wisconsin State Lottery Pick 3 on Thursday, October 31, 1996:



I saw it happen live on TV.
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I'm a self-admitted coffee snob. I went to my sister's house. She gave me a cup of coffee from a typical drip machine. I was expecting it to taste like crap. It was really good. It was this 8 O'Clock brand. No lie. I think that's pretty interesting that it wasn't just me who thinks this.
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Sounds to me like the generator inside of the wind turbine was shorting out... arcing electricity, then kaboom. Transformers do this when animals crawl inside of them.
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The *only* reason I'm not adamantly opposed to this homebrew killbot is the fact that Uncle Sam is building them as we speak. Turn about is fair play. If the government can have humanless murder machines then I choose to interpret the 2nd Amendment to mean that we can have them, too.
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mikos has it right.

while you watch this video, put your arms out in front of you and just kind of loosely mimic what you see the people in the video doing. notice that burning sensation in your arm muscles?

multitouch surfaces located on the same plane where your keyboard is now are much more likely for normal users than something like this.
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There is not a single sane human who would save a burning bus full of a million frozen embryos instead of a burning bus full of six-year-old kids.

Accept that embryos and children are not valued equally.

Moreover, how about we focus less on unborn embryos and more on the quality of life that our not-frozen, already out of the womb, CHILDREN will have going into the future.

There are serious problems with education, health care, the environment, and the economy we need to deal with which are way, way more important than if some embryos get a shot at life.

We can make more embryos, people. We're mighty good at it. If it was hard, we wouldn't have six billion people on the planet.
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I think McCain's use of "that one" is the kind of "us vs. them" rhetoric that got all us in trouble in the first place. McCain will continue to divide and destroy this country as President with this kind of thinking.
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