RC Helicopter With a .45 Pistol Attached

(Video Link)

The pilot of this radio controlled helicopter is a good shot.

I can immediately think of several ways that I could use this toy, none of which are legal.

Via Geekologie

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this was my freinds and strangers reaction, i controlled my drone from a safe distance, it was fun at first, being able to terribly scare people... until the cats came
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@attilla Are you serious? This is a pretty hardcore RC copter... At 13 pounds it reacts to the recoil about how I'd expect. I'll bet you thought the shadows were all wrong in the video too.

@Gerry It also clearly violates rule 3 by that lists standards, probably 6 since I doubt the pilot is part of the AMA, and I'm willing to bet 9 as well because this kind of thing pair great with drinking. They better be careful or they'll get an angry letter! ;)
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Recoil from a .45 ACP standard 230 grain round is pretty substantial. It looks to me like the pistol is loaded with blanks. That would require a slight modification to the gun (although that is not difficult).

To me, this toy is less frightening than a teenager with a drivers license or someone near me with a power tool.
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I am inclined to agree with Xopl, if the government can have them then we can too. Very little terrifies me more than knowing my government has this sort of thing, in the past century roughly 150 million people have been killed by their respective governments.
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