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RC Helicopter With a .45 Pistol Attached

(Video Link)

The pilot of this radio controlled helicopter is a good shot.

I can immediately think of several ways that I could use this toy, none of which are legal.

Via Geekologie

Not only would this be an effective way to clear out the zombies around your house. But concerning my Zombie knowledge...aren't zombies attracted by loud noises? Because that little helicopter sounds like the lawnmower from Hell.
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@attilla, I have never ever fired or held a firearm of any kind, so you probably know more about them than I do.

But it looks to me like the the gun moves when it is fired, and as it does I can see the helicopter sway back some. I'd imagine it's a heavy helicopter, since it's able to even support a gun off of the front like it is without tipping over, so that may kill the recoil some.
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Direct violation of AMA Safety Rule #8:

2009 Official
Academy of Model Aeronautics
National Model Aircraft Safety Code
Effective January 1, 2006

1. A model aircraft shall be defined as a non-human-carrying device capable of sustained flight in the atmosphere. It shall not exceed limitations
established in this code and is intended to be used exclusively for recreational or competition activity.
2. The maximum takeoff weight of a model aircraft, including fuel, is 55 pounds, except for those flown under the AMA Experimental Aircraft Rules.
3. I will abide by this Safety Code and all rules established for the flying site I use. I will not willfully fly my model aircraft in a reckless and/or
dangerous manner.
4. I will not fly my model aircraft in sanctioned events, air shows, or model demonstrations until it has been proven airworthy.
5. I will not fly my model aircraft higher than approximately 400 feet above ground level, when within three (3) miles of an airport without notifying
the airport operator. I will yield the right-of-way and avoid flying in the proximity of full-scale aircraft, utilizing a spotter when appropriate.
6. I will not fly my model aircraft unless it is identified with my name and address, or AMA number, inside or affixed to the outside of the model
aircraft. This does not apply to model aircraft flown indoors.
7. I will not operate model aircraft with metal-blade propellers or with gaseous boosts (other than air), nor will I operate model aircraft with fuels
containing tetranitromethane or hydrazine.
8. I will not operate model aircraft carrying pyrotechnic devices which explode or burn, or any device, which propels a projectile of any kind.
Exceptions include Free Flight fuses or devices that burn producing smoke and are securely attached to the model aircraft during flight. Rocket
motors up to a G-series size may be used, provided they remain firmly attached to the model aircraft during flight. Model rockets may be flown in
accordance with the National Model Rocketry Safety Code; however, they may not be launched from model aircraft. Officially designated AMA Air
Show Teams (AST) are authorized to use devices and practices as defined within the Air Show Advisory Committee Document.
9. I will not operate my model aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or within eight (8) hours of having consumed alcohol.
10. I will not operate my model aircraft while using any drug which could adversely affect my ability to safely control my model aircraft.
11. Children under six (6) years old are only allowed on a flightline or in a flight area as a pilot or while under flight instruction.
12. When and where required by rule, helmets must be properly worn and fastened. They must be OSHA, DOT, ANSI, SNELL or NOCSAE
approved or comply with comparable standards.
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The *only* reason I'm not adamantly opposed to this homebrew killbot is the fact that Uncle Sam is building them as we speak. Turn about is fair play. If the government can have humanless murder machines then I choose to interpret the 2nd Amendment to mean that we can have them, too.
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this is great. i don't see any downside to it whatsoever. i only wish they were available for Christmas gifting this shopping would be done.
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@10 As far as I know the AMA safety codes are guidelines for membership in the AMA, not laws. Just like the ROAR's guidelines are for RC ground vehicles. Still, I'll admit it's damned dangerous but given how steady the pilot is able to hover that behemoth I think it'll stay pointed in the right direction.

@8 My thoughts exactly

Btw, I can barely read what I'm typing here with this background graphic. Anyone else having trouble with it?
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Needs a gun view. My brother wanted to get a 500$ one for his b-day. It wireless sent video with was recieved by a thingie attached to a tv.

Remember robot wars? What about robot wars in the sky. YAY!!!
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UAVs have been around for some time. They were originally and are still used primarily as "Spy Planes". Since being outfitted with missiles, these remote controlled aircraft have been nicknamed "Killer Drones" by the popular media. (I've seen these things in about four movies this last year)

Oddly enough, in order to use the missiles on any target it takes approval from generals and oftentimes, the president himself (good luck after January, America).

Given that, the handgun on a toy helicopter is both unimpressive and overwhelmingly terrifying to consider as it appears most anyone can use or misuse it.
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GLITCH! GLITCH! Everybody run!!!

I don't care how rock stable your RC radio is, being near a flying device with a remote trigger would require something for me to stand behind just in case!
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I am inclined to agree with Xopl, if the government can have them then we can too. Very little terrifies me more than knowing my government has this sort of thing, in the past century roughly 150 million people have been killed by their respective governments.
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Recoil from a .45 ACP standard 230 grain round is pretty substantial. It looks to me like the pistol is loaded with blanks. That would require a slight modification to the gun (although that is not difficult).

To me, this toy is less frightening than a teenager with a drivers license or someone near me with a power tool.
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@attilla Are you serious? This is a pretty hardcore RC copter... At 13 pounds it reacts to the recoil about how I'd expect. I'll bet you thought the shadows were all wrong in the video too.

@Gerry It also clearly violates rule 3 by that lists standards, probably 6 since I doubt the pilot is part of the AMA, and I'm willing to bet 9 as well because this kind of thing pair great with drinking. They better be careful or they'll get an angry letter! ;)
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this was my freinds and strangers reaction, i controlled my drone from a safe distance, it was fun at first, being able to terribly scare people... until the cats came
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