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Here's the game:

1. Republicans rack up huge debt somehow while also somehow appearing to and/or tricking Republicans into thinking that they are shrinking the federal government.

2. Democrats, actually caring about things and doing the fiscally responsible thing, attempt to balance the budget and repay the debt -- thus leaving no money for all the programs the Democrats would otherwise implement.

3. Repeat.
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IF the media reported facts rather than just letting two opposing pundits scream at each other, I think Americans would vote for Obama.

IF Americans weren't racist, I think they would vote for Obama.

IF the integrity of our election system wasn't compromised by corporate controlled electronic voting machines and dirty voter caging techniques, I think the person the majority of Americans vote for would actually be the person who is our next President.
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As long as we're having this comment thread...

Tolerance is a shitty word. I always hated that they were trying to *teach* us "tolerance" in school. If you tolerate something, you don't have to like it, you are just dealing with it.

How about ACCEPTANCE. You shouldn't have to "tolerate" women having jobs, or black people being free, or gay people being gay. How about you ACCEPT IT. And move on. And stop being such a bigot.

There is no such thing as normal.
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The dog doesn't feel injustice. This is simply Pavlov. The dog isn't getting food so why bother doing the behavior? Anthropomorphizing animals is bad.
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What a flawed test. There was more than one time when I thought gun or not in my head and accidentally pressed the wrong key.

I never once looked at the face of the person I was shooting or not shooting, I was just looking for a hand, and then to see what was in that hand.

The silhouettes of the black/white people were not a control of the study... they were a variable. You can't make valid scientific observations when it's harder to see if there's a gun in somebody's hand because of how they are standing. Or because the gun is black and their shirt is black... kind of hard to make out the outline of the object and determine if it is a gun.

Game Over
Your Score: 530
Average reaction time:
Black Armed:602.44ms
Black Unarmed:777.16ms
White Armed:571.12ms
White Unarmed:725.64ms

And I highly doubt these results are of any statistical significance. Human reaction time often varies in that 30ms range.

You could do this test with lions and tigers or cats and dogs and see results like this.

AND, correlation is not causation.
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I have been thinking about the rocket launcher in the video that blows up the house for the better part of the day.

You know tornados also kill people. And the scientist in the song says he loves them. And I wouldn't fault him for that.

Lots of people love cars, and you're so much more likely to be killed by a car than a tornado.

Sure, war isn't a message of love, but that doesn't make weapons a message of hate. If you truly love the whole world then you need to accept death as part of life, and that there is ugliness, but choose to love anyway. The ugliness isn't going away, and to discard all weapons immediately on the grounds that they are made only to wage war would be foolish.

And hating the wagers of war just adds more hate to the world, where there could be love.

Honestly, it wasn't an easy decision, but I'm ok with this video, exactly how it is now.

I don't think I've been loving the whole world very much lately, so I thank Discovery and 72andSunny for the optimism.
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While I'll admit I enjoyed your summary descriptions of the shows, I don't think Adult Swim really needs any marketing from Neatorama.

Also... you can maybe trademark a band name, but you definitely can't copyright one.
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