Cat vs. Mirror

(Live Leak link)

Looks like the mirror won this time. -via Arbroath

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They should call that cat "Accordian."

Lighten up people. My cats used to get so engrossed watching birds outside the window that they would lunge at them and hit the window. And 10 minutes later they would do it again. It's what they do. Shake it off. Like the cats.
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Come on guys, it's not like the guy put his cat in a bag filled with rusty nails and threw it down some stairs while filming and laughing maniacally.

He just filmed his cat acting by it's own will and that's why this video is FUNNY. It's funny because the cat tried to jump thru what he thought to be a "hole" in the wall to get to the "room on the other side, not because it's a cat getting hurt. This is not animal cruelty... "animal cruely", come on, seriously, have you owned cats? This video is harmless.

Cats like to jump and climb things. It probably got confused a bit from the hit, but probably didn't even hurt itself. Cats might be cute little furry things but they're very tough and agile, they're predators by instinct. I've had cats before who have done crazy things while I was or wasn't watching, trying to climb something impossible to climb or trying to make an impossible jump, that's just how they are. You go and try to stop them!

People constantly film their kids getting hurt from falling down from their bikes or stuff like that and those videos are considered to be funny (I personally don't consider it funny). So the reaction to this video amazes me.
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