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I did this around 1979, when I was 13, with a Huffy (or was it Columbia?) banana seat bike (sparkles and everything in the seat). Taped a switch to the handgrip, 6 volt lantern battery taped to the seatpost, and a small pipe taped in the middle of the handlebars. Used the nichrome wire from a rocket igniter and wrapped the wick of a bottlerocket around it. Had to play with a shield to keep the wind from cooling off the wire. Worked like a charm. (too many James Bond movies)
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There is a lot more to this story than the AP revealed. For example, check out:

Most likely it was an incompetent IT person fired by equally technologically incompetent administrators.
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Bloukrans jumper, myself. Worth every penny. You actually get about 3-4 significant plunges off one jump. My only complaint was the poor quality of the VHS tape. The scariest part was the walk across the catwalk suspended below the bridge. The freakiest part was feeling your vertebrae separate when the cord starts to yank you skyward. ;-)
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First, I am very happy for the child and family. I wish every sad story had a happy ending like this. That said... No. An angel did not save a dying girl.

Why is it so hard for people to accept the idea that the girl recovered due to natural causes that the doctors overlooked or do not understand and that the flash of light on the monitor was a coincidence? Doesn't that sound a lot more plausible than an angel? I wish people would really stop and think about how bizarre the idea of an angel is. I doubt they would accept this story as easily if the mother was convinced that the daughter was saved by Snoopy's ghost.

And... No. I am not miserable (or hateful).
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Is it odd to have a 42" Plasma TV but not have a cable connection to it? All I wanted it for was movies and for displaying photos.

I have just given up on Cox's DVR. Pretty much useless when compared to even a TIVO. I'm hoping to create a box which uses Sage or Myth and use it as a video jukebox.

Now all i need are a few terabyte raid drive arrays. (that don't drown out the TV)
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Been to that park!! Amazing place. We actually encountered an elephant about that size while walking through the bush. Very humbling. It's not too hard to follow their trail. It looks like a bulldozer pushed and pulled it's way through the trees.

Ironically, the South Africans that brought us to the park told us about a similar story that happened, I believe, in Kruger. It was a much worse situation where the car was crushed with a man inside. AFAIK, he survived without any major injuries.

Apparently, this is not a unique situation...
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Yeah... That should be just about as popular and enduring as kneeboarding.

"They" want you to believe that wakeboarding killed kneeboarding (too 80's-ish) but the truth is that knees aren't meant to be folded under the body to act as shock absorbers. At least mine weren't.

Imagine jumping of a cliff and landing on your folded knees... ouch.

OTOH, this probably open up huge woods and backcountry opportunities for paraplegics. (seriously)
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