Free Sledding

When skiing or snowboarding just isn't enough for you, check this out: extreme sledding.

ABC's David Kerley went on a little "free sledding" adventure in Vermont, and lives to tell us about it!

Link [ABC World News Webcast] - Thanks Natalie!

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ive been free sledding for quite awhile and to tell the truth my knees are fine the sleds have thick knee pads and as long as you dont land on a flat icy surface you'll be fine
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I think you guys are both right. You can't absorb much of a landing with folded knees...certainly can't go as big as you could on a snowboard or skis. Don't let that complete your judgement. Sledding is one of the most fun things i've done in my life. It's a completely different concept compared to snowboard, but that doesn't mean it's not fun or that you have to choose one or the other. If you're gonna hit a jump on a sled, you just need a good, soft landing. Try it, then let me know what you think. My knees are fine.
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You are close, #1. But you have it the other way around. This is nothing more than people with healthy legs (presumably) adopting a technique/gear used by paraplegics for almost 30 years. I recall seeing things like this when I skied a lot back in the early 80s. Sometimes they would sit with legs extended, a la kayaking. Depends on the level of leg/hip use they have.
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Yeah... That should be just about as popular and enduring as kneeboarding.

"They" want you to believe that wakeboarding killed kneeboarding (too 80's-ish) but the truth is that knees aren't meant to be folded under the body to act as shock absorbers. At least mine weren't.

Imagine jumping of a cliff and landing on your folded knees... ouch.

OTOH, this probably open up huge woods and backcountry opportunities for paraplegics. (seriously)
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