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I've read a bunch of Kliph Nesteroff's long articles on the WFMU blog. They are always exhaustively researched, enlightening, and full of surprises. This was another one, and it put a lot of the stuff I *kind of* knew about those early years of late night TV into a cohesive, and revelatory, perspective.
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Coolest idea ever to make people more comfortable when you insist they not wear their shoes in your house. It amazes me how many people feel weird about that.
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One thing that sucks about most of these contests is that often there's no indication of size...add a ruler, or a coin to the photo, FFS!
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Hmm...this seems a little sneaky and stinky to me.

Is it a money shill or is it a Neato-Blurb?

Who can tell?

I'm sure hope this doesn't become a trend.
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I have three blind friends.

I've asked about this.

They all report that they can tell by the sound when a poured beverage has nearly filled a cup or glass.
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9340....too many vowels.

I could only come up with so many words like eerie, aerial, liana, media, ratio, etc. And I'd like to know what dictionary is being used, because there were quite a few common words (say at a USA Today crossword puzzle level) that wouldn't register. That's the part of word games like this that torques my carrot: GameDevs should either use a comprehensive list of words, or the game isn't ready for REAL players.
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Almost all of you are a bunch of wussy naysayers. Woe be to the clucking do-gooder who acts as scaredy-cat-by-proxy. Think of how many fewer deeds of derring do would be attempted—and successfully completed—if that spineless attitude was adopted by those who dare to push the known limits.

I applaud this "freaking moron" for doing something that's never been done. From the article it sure sounds like he has the experience, and did his research.

There were many people on record who declared Columbus, Magellan, the Montgolfier brothers, the Wright Brothers, the astronauts, and many other pioneers the equivalent of "freaking morons" too, in the language of the day.

I sure wouldn't have done what Brandt did, but then I don't have his set of experiences. I have pulled off a few amazing things though that I was told shouldn't be attempted. The toughest thing was to not rub the naysayers noses in the doody afterwards.

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What sort of nasty parent would name their son Jacquelyn? (You might want to dig deeper for a gender verification check, Jill)
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Discovered this about 20 years ago. I found that the proper pure feedback tone from my guitar could extinguish the kerosene heater I had lit on the other side of the living room.

It was quite the parlor trick to perform for visiting friends who hadn't seen it before.
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Already on top of that.

Send Senator Ford a letter. I did:
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That they'd want to have that many children HAS to be borne of some sort of psychiatric illness. I think they call it blind adherence to organized religion.

That many children in one family indoctrinated into whatever weird version of religion they practice scares the bejeebers out of me.

I feel sorry for the children, and I'm willing to bet that for those kids whose ideological pendulums swing away from that of the family (and it WILL happen, this I guarantee), it's gonna swing far, and it's not gonna be pretty.
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