A Mug for the Blind that Chimes When It's Full

If you're visually impaired, it can be hard to fill a mug (or any other vessel) without spilling over the edge. The Braun Bell Mug beeps at each of three different levels, so the user can know how much liquid s/he's getting, without making a mess.

Link via DVICE

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But my point is, what's wrong with something that makes it easier for some people? I can't believe people criticize this. Who cares? If you don't like it, don't buy it!
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Yup - my blind friend just lets her finger hang over the edge of the cup. She must have asbestos fingers, and we've learned not to worry about a) her scalding herself or b) germy fingers. None of us have died yet.

She will keep putting milk in mine, though - but that's not a blind thing, loads of people do that.
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I worked with blind people, and some of these comments are a little short-sighted. (no pun)

1. Yes, the technique most use is to put their finger in the glass or cup, and feel the liquid. OK, one person says it's a little hot. Well, what about boiling water for tea? That's real hot! And what if you have a guest, or a date? You think they want your finger in their drink?

2. Many people who are blind have other problems as well. Blindness that is caused by a brain issue, such as a premature birth where the cortex may not fully be developed, often leads to other issues, from motor problems to cerebral palsy to perception issues. A person with blindness and motor trouble may not be able to do the finger techniqe at all!

3. A common misperception, as stated by Lasse, is that blind people compensate with their other senses. This is a myth. They may concentrate on their other senses, but blindness does not magically make your hearing stronger. You may be more sensitive, but your ears work the same as any other person! And again, many blind folks have other issues.

Ultimately, I applaud anything that makes something easier for a person to do everyday things the rest of us take for granted. It's not over-engineering, is compassionate engineering!
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Yep- This is a typical case of deliberate looking for over-engeneering without any real reason other than that some seeing designer thinks there is a problem that in fact never has existed.

Even seeing people can easily learn to leave the light out when they go to the kitchen in the middel of the night to poor in a glass of water or milk. Just by sound and weightdistribution.

But hey nowadays if you can't stick a battery in something- it really is soooooo 2000-and-Late.....
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