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I can't believe your (and the commenters') take on this. Verbal abuse is horrible and is absolutely not to be taken lightly. Neatorama has been going downhill as of late.
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Ah, actually, misread the experiment. But still, we don't "hear" with our skin. Note that the participants were blindfolded. You could argue that we hear with our eyes too if you're going to say that we hear with our skin.
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I would argue that mistaking [pa] for [ba] has nothing to do with feeling the puff of air (we phoneticians call this aspiration) and more to do with the fact that unaspirated p before a vowel really does sound to our English-speaking ears more like [ba]. In some languages, there is contrast between aspirated and unaspirated p, and i'm sure speakers of these languages would be able to tell the difference. But in English, p by itself (i.e. not coarticulated with a fricative such as s, as in "spit") is always aspirated before a vowel.
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Wait, everyone DOESN'T see time like this?? My version isn't exactly the same, but pretty much. September is at the top right, and it goes counter-clockwise. I find this hardly unusual.
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There is no way that a dog is as smart as a two-year-old child. Sure, if you say "ball!" to a dog, it might go get its ball. In that sense, a dog can understand a lot of words and phrases. But there are many problems with this.

First of all, a dog's understanding is highly based on tone of voice and body language. If you glared at your dog and said "good girl!" angrily, she would probably whimper in shame. A two-year-old would look at you as if you were crazy... why would you be calling her good if you sounded angry?

Secondly, there are many things a dog cannot grasp. For example, you cannot ask a dog, "Can you please put away your toys?" Unless you trained the dog to respond specifically to this phrase, it could never understand what you meant, especially if you said it in a slightly different way than what it was used to (e.g. "Put away your toys now.") The human mind is capable of linguistic creativity, something a dog is absolutely NOT capable of. There are a vast number of things that a dog would never understand, for example, getting in someone's way or hurting their feelings.
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While i do think it's creative, it's a complete invasion of privacy and is of course sexist. This is these women's home, and therefore not a place for advertising in the first place, let alone something like this. Of course, if every single one of them agreed to it, i suppose it would be okay, but i can't imagine that happening.
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This is absolutely abhorrent. For people struggling with their weight, whether it be trying to lose weight or trying to recover from an eating disorder, this would be incredibly humiliating. I had anorexia several years ago and although i am comfortable with my body now, showing my weight to everyone around me would definitely bring back the feelings of shame and self-loathing that i felt for so long back then.
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Like many little girls in the Western world, i had lots of Barbies when i was young. My mother, a single parent, was certainly against stereotypes and is a feminist, but i'm glad she let me play with the dolls. When children are very little, they do not make the connection between dolls and the fact that they're supposed to represent real people. Yes, they understand that they're human figures, but do not make any meaningful associations apart from that. (This is why "show me on the doll where the bad man touched you" is no longer accepted as testimony in court). I enjoyed my Barbies. They are well-made and interesting to play with. By the time girls are old enough to make the kinds of associations adults do, they are probably already bored with their dolls.
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Ahahahahahaha!! The execution is stupid but the guy's reaction makes it golden. Let it be known that i have a newfound love for my ministry of health.
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This is old news, but anyway, why did he feel the need to cancel his garbage pickup? Couldn't he just... not leave any garbage to be picked up? Some weeks my mom doesn't feel the need to leave garbage out, so she doesn't, so they don't pick anything up. Voila.
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The article fails to explain why those specific foods set it off... although i suppose perhaps no one knows. Sometimes if feel lightheaded after drinking soda if i swallow it too fast, but i don't think that's the same thing.

Does she get the same thing when she's just eating bread? What type of sandwiches set it off? There will need to be much sandwich experimenting done here.
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