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Seriously... if this is where our tax dollars are going, I think we have a problem. How important is the whoooole carpooling thing? Not important at all.
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"that’s okay if two more kids in this world grow up without loving homes"

Just because she has health issues, doesn't mean she can't love her children.

And I'm sure adopting a child is no where near having one of your own. It's an alternative...not the only option. If you can have kids...go for it!
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Im not too religious but I see how this is OK. They called the ambulance and prayed for the man who had died. To me that seems very respectful. They might not be physically moving the man but they are... I guess mentally... helping him in the best and only way they could have. As Fazia said...they're not at a rock concert. Theyre at church where the body probably would have ended up at a later time for the same kind of prayer.
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I didn't mind the shakyness and don't know anyone, personally, that did. Other than that... the movie was OK. Wasn't really about the monster. it was more of a love story.
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