Woman Gave Birth to Baby Nearly Her Own Size

Stacey Herald, a 28 1/2-inch (72 cm) woman, had just given birth to an 18-inch (46 cm) daughter who wasn't much smaller than her mother!

Pregnancy swelled Herald’s belly to comically large proportions, the woman said.

“If I laid down, I looked like a snail,” she said, laughing. “That's how big my belly was. I looked like an Idaho potato with arms and legs.”

She kept laughing as she recalled her late-stage pregnancy.

“You couldn't see my feet,” Herald said. “You know, my legs are there you know, but my belly came out so long, that all you could see was a belly with toes."

Link - via mental floss

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I am the proud father of these three blessings from God (including my wife) God wrote in the bible that he will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you (postive & negative). My saying to all the people that write negative things sums it up in two words FIND JESUS
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I think it is very sad that people can't look past the fact she uses a wheelchair to get around. Once you know a person you are able to look past their imperfections. Like a man/woman who drinks, does drugs, smokes, ect. I feel that many of the people who can get on here and leave the nasty, hurtful messages that they need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. Look beyond your physical being and see who you really are. Try going to church and learn about walking in love with others. As the comment was made at my families home, ignorant people ridiculed Jesus, why would we expected anything different these days?? If you can only focus on the negatives of this situation rather than the blessings that God as created, it tells alot about who you are as an individual. We are all equal, god created us that way. Yes God created those babies...Miracles..He sent Jesus to die for our sins and what makes you question his creations now??? All I can suggest...is find Jesus and your perspective of this situation will change. Don't worry Jesus forgives and so does the Herald family for your negative comments. Being born with a disability doesn't require you to give up on your dreams in life. Walking in faith is not an easy task, blessings are God works in your life. Look past the wheelchair and what you consider normal!!!! We don't ask for donations or your money to care for them. I am the proud Aunt of those miracles and I hope each of you learn how to love like Jesus. May God Bless each and every one of you. For those of you who leave positive comments, thank you. God knows your heart and we appreciate your support.
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"And I’m sure adopting a child is no where near having one of your own."

What a hateful attitude. Millions of parents who have adopted would beg to differ with you.
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Good for you, Jennifer. Then obviously, you have the right to judge other people based on their physical attributes. I hope the children you adopted were good, strong blond-haired, blue-eyed, free from defects, and fit for leadership in the next Reich.

Are you 28 1/2 inches tall? If this woman went to adopt kids, she would be turned down by people with the same narrow-minded and judgmental opinions that you've shown here.

Just thinking of what she's gone through just to have kids shows how strong this woman is. Oh, I forgot, you risked getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from all that paper-signing when you adopted.
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@ ted

Guess what? I did! Best thing I've ever done.

@ priscilla

I never suggested she couldn't love her own kids. Just that she isn't able to open herself up enough to love those who really need it.

I'm sorry you don't consider parents who adopt as being equal to those who have their own. But I've always seen the ability to open your heart and home to a child in need as a greater thing than having your own. Only the strongest can take that journey and suffer the heartbreaks and setbacks that often occur. If you truly want to make the world a better place, start with the kids who need families.
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