Microwave Ray Gun Turns Off Car Engines From a Distance

High-speed chases may soon be a thing of the past. Eureka Aerospace of Pasadena, California, has developed a high-power electromagnetic system that uses microwave to let police disable your car's engine from a distance!

http://eurekaaerospace.com/hpems.php - via Technabob, thanks Wendy Piersall!

If that's not cool/big brother enough, the other thing the company's working on is a radar system that lets you "see through" a wall.

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hey guys, i need a little help...who can tell me the details of the microwave penetration stuff(just like focus the wave into a beam or ray)? i would like some info about it ...prefer details one..thank
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Nice posts ladies & gentlemen; I especially like K's (Dec 10th 2007) stand against cannibalism! I hear that alien's have this task solved. Their UFO beams can stop any old or new car! I know because it happened to my mate Dave when he was driving home from a rave party at 5am last Sunday; and he drives a 77 Ford!
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The concept behind disabling vehicles ( or any form of electronics) works behind the idea of interfering with a system that uses pulses to operate ( like a digitally driven controller, you cars computer) as far as other components of a car like the starter or distributor, most of those systems run off flat 12v DC. DC operated systems are immune to such microwave interferance due to the fact that Microwaves (waves = AC = Alternating current ahh get it?) will totally put apperant "1"s and "0"s where there not suppost to be. In the case of DC, well, unless you can try to flip 650amps at 12v from a distance, your '69 GTO full of washed up rap stars on cocaine is safe.
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PetShark is right, but to elaborate a little... I think you are either more familiar with diesel engines (which indeed don't use sparkplugs!), or are mixing up the car's starter (powerful little electric motor that spins the engine over while you "crank" it) with ignition system (fires spark plugs to light the gasoline-air mixture.
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