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It's probably more likely to happen but I have 2 cousins that have the same birthday I do. One on my mom's and one on my dad's side. It fun sharing your birthday!
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What about having the green man going out the door...but in red? When we'd still find a red exit sign and people who cant read English can read the picture.
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Oh man. I work at the front desk of a hotel in Miami, and there were 2 weeks after christmas when we were in the 30s and 40s...which we NEVER get. Guests would come down or call yelling because their heater doesn't work. All I could do is say...I'm sorry... this is Miami we never get this cold so most buildings don't even HAVE heaters.

It would've been helpful to have these bed warmers...
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yeah... they probably set up a whole city that looked like it was destroyed by an earthquake and had the people act like they were starving or something too...
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I just went to the Tower Bridge yesterday!!! It IS beautiful! and the whole time we were looking at it we thought it was the London Bridge...haha
We were very underwhelmed by the London Bridge afterwards.
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I live in Miami, so I know what it feels like to have language barriers, even though I am hispanic and speak some spanish. But, as Gauldar said, just because you're frustrated because someone does not speak your language, doesn't mean they should be prosecuted.

Also, why is it that if WE go to most countries, they speak their own language AND English, while we only speak English?
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