The War Over Exit Signs

Should the US ditch the classic red "exit" sign and replace it with a green man? There are arguments both for and against. For the red:
The contrast between the letters and the background renders it highly legible, the illumination stresses the importance of the message, and the color is evocative of both fire and fire-safety devices (fire extinguishers, fire engines, fire alarms, and the like).

But in other parts of the world, pictograms rule. The "running man" sign was designed by Yukio Ota and adopted internationally for exits a quarter century ago!
The sign's wordlessness means it can be understood even by people who don't speak the local language. And the green color, they argue, just makes sense. Green is the color of safety, a color that means go the world over. Red, on the other hand, most often means danger, alert, halt, please don't touch. Why confuse panicked evacuees with a sign that means right this way in a color that means stop?

Slate lays out the arguments for both and a history of exit signs in one chapter of a six-part series on signs. Links to all the chapters are found at the top of each. Link -via Simply Left Behind

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I personally like the green running man exit signs... If we could get the whole world to agree on one universal exit sign that would be favorable for everyone.

I could see being in a foreign country somewhere and being confused in an emergency if their signs were all in the countries native language.

Call me crazy but I also think it would also promote a little bit of comfort for foreigners who visit our country.... cool article.
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But what about people being colourblind especially in the green and red light-spectrum...? For those people, both signs spoken of here just dissapear in all the chaos.

No seriously- I agree with those who say that in fact it doesn't matter what sign is used and that different signs are used in different countries, as long as that sign is used uniformly and as long as is communicated clearly that that sign stands for "When in danger, this is the fastest way to get the hell out". And then I couldn't care less if I see that sign in Japanese, Chinese, Urdu, Jewish, Cyrillic or Sign. As long as somehow is made clear to me that that is where I have to go when disaster strikes and I don't run straight into the toilets or the broomlocker, it's fine with me.
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What about having the green man going out the door...but in red? When we'd still find a red exit sign and people who cant read English can read the picture.
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