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DarrenBaker: Family values are not suffering for you despite your lack of family dinners. However, I think he is implying that the decline in family dinners is the canary in the coal mine.
Much like video games, there are exceptional people how can avoid the negative side effects of video games, longer work hours, higher stress levels and a distributed family system. The reality is that most westerners suffer the negative side effects of these things.
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I agree; parents should take responsibility for their children. Perhaps, if more parents took better care in disciplining their children then more of the people that are annoyed might show some patience towards families. The reality is, no matter how disciplined a family is, children are children and are not as aware of our societies standards of public politeness.

However, I would also like to mention that there is a worse problem facing our public places; and that is the plague of Adult Douchbagery.

The amount of times I have been forced to listen to adults, who should be held more accountable than parents for children, being loud and obnoxious at restaurants. Is it not a worse offence to have a perfectly good meal sullied by the arrogant, overly loud conversations from douche bag adults? Really, there is not doubt they should know better.

Now, I am not saying Mr. Cafferty is one of these people, I am just saying I’m sure he has endured more of them than loud kids. Why single out the kids?
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I am Canadian and I will avoid the US at all costs becuase of the border agents. A few years ago I was taking my brother to a course in the US. The border agents were rude, aggresive, unprofessional and dishonest.

I have known police officers (Canadian/American) but border guards are not the same. They suffer from a bloated sense of value and responsibility.

Treating everyone like an enemy and forcing them to adhere to strong arm tactics is the foundation for a police state.

I hope things change in the US of A. It is not like it once was.
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Some people are aware of the South Park source and understand it is in context there. However, some people also know that there are some people that take the 'kick a ginger day' too seriously in a everyday violent way, particularly in schools.

When you watch South Park, you expect it. You should not watch if you don't. However, when you read a 'news' article about it, you do not expect it.

Some people know 'ginger kids' that do been 'kicked' for how they look, so they are a bit more aware of what it really means.
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