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Unfortunately, the past 8 years were not the start of the US create enemies not allies policy. It simply kicked it into overdrive. If Obama wins he is going to have to do a lot more than “not be the other guy,” type politics. He has to fix something that is decades deep in order to be considered successful.
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Spin it anyway you want. The US is a scary place. Anyone who has lived in both the US and another developed country knows it. But it isn't about the laws, it is about the culture. You can regulate all you want but if people want guns people get guns.

When guns are involved things escalate quicker. Right now, I live in Canada. However, I have lived in the US (Texas). In Canada, when something escalates (like a drunken fight at a bar) someone gets put in the hospital with fists and feet, worst case a knife. Same thing in the US, worst case is a gun.

I'd rather not be shot, if I had the choice.
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I know... Yeti, Giant Squids, Coelacanth. It is all totally preposterous. When are people going to realize those things are not real because people with PhDs have never seen them… or a least more than one person with a PHD at a time.
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Wow. Why are we reading about this?

She can do what she wants, but why are we reading about this? Also, I am amazed by the amount of closed minded, sheep responses this has brought on.

Our planet can sustain us, and at the rate we are/could be growing without thinking like a lot the above posters. The real problem is that it cannot support so many greedy “Westerners” (of which, I am one).

We are as nature intended us to be. We just do not live as nature intended us to. We all know that the excesses of North America could feed the world but we don't change our society. We come up with ideas like zero population growth so that we can continue to do all the unnatural and destructive things we love so much.

Above this post are numerous postings spewing praise for one lady doing what she feels is right and contempt for others who do what they feel is right. It is so arrogant and hypocritical. We all have a role, why do we need to judge each other and take such harsh responses to their choices.

I just hope she looked at the studies that connect divorce to voluntary infertility and the projected US age ratios. When she is old no one will be able to take care of her. The infrastructure will not be there, simple economics. The only reason modern science is calling for a cut in birth rate to “save the planet” is because the scientific community thinks it is the only option with the chance of by in. Like Aeris said, for a lot of people voluntary infertility appeals to their selfishness not their selflessness.

Smart people breed stupid people everyday and most of our respected human brothers and sisters that have changed this world for the better came from “stupid breeders” like the people being cut up in these comments.

Our society shapes our children us much as we do. Own up people. If you are a capitalist consumer (like most of us with internet access), it is our society that is bringing this planet down.
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