Yeti's Footprint Found?

A team of American explorers for a TV series Destination Truth found what they believed to be yeti's footprint in the mountains of Nepal:

American television channel host Josh Gates displays what is believed to be "Yeti" footprints to the media in Kathmandu Nov. 30, 2007. The U.S.-based television channel investigating the existence of the legendary Yeti in Nepal has found footprints similar to those said to be that of the abominable snowman, the company said on Friday. A team of nine producers from Destination Truth, armed with infrared cameras, spent a week in the icy Khumbu region where Mount Everest is located and found the footprints on the bank of Manju river at a height of 2,850 meters (9,350 feet).

Link (Photo: Xinhua/Reuters) | Not everyone thought it was real: Link

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I love the show destination truth! all of the people knocking it shouldn't be. I believe there are things out there that have yet to be explained and that Josh Bates is doing a dang good job of trying to explain and bring them to a fact, fiction, legend or myth orign. Also, i doubt any of the people hating on Destination Truth would even have the knards big enough to do what he and his crew have accomplished so far.
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"...A team of nine producers from Destination Truth, armed with infrared cameras...".

Apparently the Ghost Hunters were already booked with one of their own "scientific" investigations.
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DRukus, don't compare pseudoscience to actual biology. If there is an unknown hominid, all we need to accept it as real is a specimen. In the case of previously unknown creatures like giant squids or coelacanths there wasn't a near-cult focused on their supposed existence.
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I know... Yeti, Giant Squids, Coelacanth. It is all totally preposterous. When are people going to realize those things are not real because people with PhDs have never seen them… or a least more than one person with a PHD at a time.
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