Cadillac World Thorium Fuel Concept Car

That's the World Thorium Fuel concept car by Cadillac. The Cadillac WTF (yes, I know), designed by Loren Kulesus, is supposed to be powered by the nuclear fuel thorium and therefore last 100 years (Whaaa? Nuclear fuel in a car? What a great idea!):

Elsewhere, every major system is redundant in case of a failure. And the wheels don't have individual tires - in fact, what's located at each corner is one combined unit made up of six individual wheels. That gives you 24 wheels in total, and each wheel has its own induction motor. Said Kulesus, "The vehicle would require the tires to be adjusted every five years, but no material would need to be added or subtracted."

Link | Loren's portfolio at Coroflot - via TechEBlog

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Sure, many things can be adopted from it !except that nuclear fuel based thing. its disaster for daily use on streets. may be we can use it on some Independance day parades!
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Here you would have a car that is capable of powering your transmission lines from the Utility company, no outages from storms, no utility bill.

\no trips to the gas station, no batteries to replace, no greenhouse gas emissions.

The stationary plants can be used to safely consume our current stockpile of nuclear waste.

lets work out the bugs on this.....
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